October 9, 2009


Assalamualaikum dan salam selawat penuh rindu buat Rasullulah...

each day of my life is totally changed right now...it takes time for me to make it familiar*....anyway its not a big deal at all...sorry coz i'm not too good in english but its not wrong right to give a try..

right now, i'm busy with a few program at my school..one of them is PERSONAL under Badar SHAMS...2 days on camping had teach me many few things
.. thanks a lot to fc that managed this camp ..personally,i think this camp is quite interesting, with a new breath of activities, new faces as facilitator....however, i think all the activities still can be improve as there is a comment said it was "hambar" ..its ok at all

i really love when it comes to ceramah ....thanks to us.syazwan, us hanafi, us syahir , us hazwan ,and others that gave a very different and unic perspective to me..my heart cried when i remembered all of the teengers out there which still.......(all kind of social things)

now , what are our responsibility?
are we still too busy with our position in politics? in school? in university?
are we still too busy till' we have no time to advice? or at least remind
think about it fatin syuhada(myself)
think about it my friends...
together in our way
make islam
as addin

Allah...help us in helping islam...give us the strength to face this...aminn..


Anonymous said...

Our grave concern here is how we're going to cope with these situations when we ourselves still not enough the knowledge.

But when that happens, our iman and taqwa will answer, bringing our heart into stable state,

Patience is the key, proceed and believe in Him always.

Fatin Syuhada wa Afiza said...

yes..thats right...

Hazwan Mohd Nor said...

still there's a way to change

as success is not a matter of chance,

but it is a matter of CHOICE

be steadfast my dear sis ~

mawaddah said...

Patience is the key, proceed and believe in Him always.


AbdullahUmar said...

lntak ngko laa hahahak

Fatin Syuhada wa Afiza said...

apo lah ko ni...